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 Auronxdead Application

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PostSubject: Auronxdead Application   Fri May 30, 2008 9:47 am

Auronxdead Application! GM


Yes i've got GM commands and codes

How long have you played GMS?
Been playing from v.29

How long have you played PrivateMS?
This year Begging at January 2nd

Time zone?
GMT 8:00 Pacific time (US & Canada) I live in South Aust lol

When can you go on?
Im usally on after school because Home work studies and all

Ever been a GM?
Yes i'm now GM in 6 Private servers rarely play em now cause i don't know what happen to them.

Why should i choose you?
Well i can be nice responible, funny and cheerful XD Cause i'm quite good at handling stress/anger and i'm 100% sure i wont get drunk Lmao And say if sombody said ''Hey can you please warp me to ........'' i would ask you before doing that

What would you do if you were a GM in RiseMS?
Clean up hackers cause when i was a GM in another MS that was Odin source i discoverd that someone was using godmode still ><
So i would make sure i hide and sneak ban them, Host mini events permission from you, Make a website even though im quite bad at the moment i could make one with forums

Peace looking forward to work with the team =P Have a Nice day !!!

Well thats my GM application XD don't mind if you dont accept me XD ~Toodles~
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Auronxdead Application
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