Server Rates : 500x / 100 x / 5 x | Exp / Mesos / Drop
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 RebirthStory F.A.Q

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PostSubject: RebirthStory F.A.Q   Sat May 31, 2008 7:24 pm

This is an F.A.Q about RebirthStory

Technical Questions

Q:Where Can I download RebirthStory v.55 Client?

Q:How About If I Have V.55 How Do I DownGrade

A:Download This And Extract It In Ur MapleStory Folder Has Rebirth Client Already;10439206;/fileinfo.html

Q:How To Install RebirthStory Client?
A: First Download The Client, Secondly Drag the RebirthStory Client to ur MapleStory folder And Double Click on it And It Should Work

Q:Does This Server Use Hamachi?
A:Yes It Does The Networks Are Name: RebirthStory, RebirthStory1, RebirthStory2, RebirthStory3, RebirthStory4, RebirthStory5 Pass:123 (For all Networks)

Server Related

Q:Where Do I Register An Account?


Q:Why Doesn't The Register Site Work SomeTimes?
A:Since His Server Isn't 24/7 When He Closes His Computer The Site Goes Down Also.

Q:Where Is The Server?
A:New York

Q:What Version Is The Server?
A:Version .55

Q:What Are The Rates?
A:500x/300x/3x Exp/Mesos/Drop

Q:Why Is The Server Down At Times?

A:Well Since It Isn't A Dedicated Server Yet It Isn't On 24/7.

Q:How Many People Can It Hold?

A:About 30+

Game Related

Q:Is There Any Custom Npc's?
A: Yes There is
Our Features:
Beginner Shop
Warrior Shop
Thief Shop
Bowman Shop
Magician Shop
Specialty Shop
Cape Shop
Maple Shop
Fame Seller
AP Reseter
Job Giver
Aquarium Teleporter
Herb Town Teleporter
Mu Lung Teleporter
Orbis Teleporter

Beginner Shop -> Robin -> Maple Island
~Sells Some Beginner Equips

Warrior Shop -> Nana(P) -> Perion
~All Warrior Gear Level 90+

Thief Shop -> Nana(K) -> Kerning City
~All Thief Gear Level 90+

Bowman Shop -> Nana(H) -> Henesys
~All Bowman Gear Level 90+

Magician Shop -> Nana(E) -> Ellinia
~All Magician Gear Level 90+

Speciality Shop -> Mia -> El Nath, Henesys
~Necessities, Super Scrolls.

Cape Shop -> Coco -> Henesys, Leafre, Ludibrium, Mu Lung
~All Capes

Maple Shop -> Cody -> Amoria, El Nath, Ellinia, Henesys, Kerning City, Leafre, Lith Harbor, Ludibrium, Orbis, Perion
~All Maple Items Level 64+

Fame Seller -> Mr. Moneybags -> Henesys
~Sells Fame

Megaphones -> Fredrick -> Free Market
~Sells All Types Of Megaphones

Teleporter -> Spinel ->Amoria, Ellinia, Henesys, Kerning City, Leafre, Lith Harbor, Ludibrium, Mu Lung, Mushroom Shrine, Orbis, Perion
~Teleports You To A Lot Of Places.

Jobs -> Duey -> Aquarium, El Nath, Ellinia, Henesys, Kerning City, Leafre, Lith Harbor, Ludibrium, Mu Lung, Omega Sector, Orbis, Perion
~Gives 3rd - 4th Jobs.

Gachapon -> Gachapon -> Henesys Market, Ellinia, Perion, Kerning City, Sleepywood, Mushroom Shrine, Spa (M), Spa (F), New Leaf City - Town Center
~Use Gachapon Tickets To Recieve A Random Item

AP Reseter -> Vicious -> Henesys Market
~Resets Ability Points

Mounts -> Dolphin -> Aquarium
~Gives You The Monster Rider Skill

Aquarium Teleporter -> Dolphin -> Herb Town
~Teleports you to the Aquarium

Herb Town Teleporter -> Dolphin, Hak -> Aquarium, Mu Lung
~Teleports you to Herb Town

Mu Lung Teleporter -> Hak -> Herb Town
~Teleports You To Mu Lung

Orbis Teleporter -> Hak -> Mu Lung
~Teleports You To Mu Lung

Q:How Many Channels Are There?
A:There Is 2 Channels So Far

Q:Why Does It Lag Alot?

A:Because The Admin Does This On His Free Time, It's Not His Job To Pay For A Server That Can Hold Thousands Of People

Q:When Do Events Take Place?
A:They Should Take Place Daily

Q:Who Are The Gm's On This Server?
A:Ryuzaki(Me),Destiny,And Kompilation

Q:Where Do I Buy Mounts?
A:At AquaRoad The Armor Seller Should Sell it

Q:What Kind Of Nx Does Nx Slimes Drop?

A:They Should Drop Any Nx

Credits Go To Kompilation, Admin, and Delta
If There Is Anything To Add Tell Me And I'll Edit It
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RebirthStory F.A.Q
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