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 Wazabi GM/Mod/Dev application check this out

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PostSubject: Wazabi GM/Mod/Dev application check this out   Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:04 am


Well, Hi everybody, I am 19 years and My name is Jake. I am posting my application for being a GM/Mod/Dev in this server, because this server is really nice, nice community and everybody is great. Well, I think I got enought experience and that I should do the work.

For my experience:

I was a GM in many server like MyMS, DarkMS, DarkMS, Revolution MS, UGMS and my 2 own servers. I think I am a great GM cause my servers got deleted because 2 hackers screw them up... so now I hate them I really don't wanna see them in my server or in any server I am on. I like to help anybody, pro and noobs I know how to answer questions if someone don't understand something I will explain them step by step.

I got some experience as a Moderator. I was moderator in each server that i was GM in including mines. I know how a website work, I've made some forum for servers but I've made my own website in HTML and others. I also made a website for getting money for a dedicated server ( I had some ads, donation button and other things ). I know in each post if it's a spam or no.

Well, I have made my 2 own server that got screwed up by two hacker... And I was a Dev in some server ( such as DarkMS, DarkMS, MyMS Revolution Ms and mines. ). I think I am a great coder/dev becaus I know some coding types and I am pretty good in each ( I know C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic, Objet Pascal, Perl, Python, Scala and Lisp, I know it might being alot but I am soon to mastered each ). For servers, I know how to made NPC, fix bugs, fix 4th job skills adding drops and more.

I know I think all the thing around Maple Story, I was playing this since the beginning I was a Beta Tester. I should do a good job because I am really patient, I can answer questions, stupid ones, proffetionnal one, In-game or out-game, If noobs or pro don't understand something, I will explain them Step by Step to make sure they understand. My first language is French so It might help speaking with other person, my second is English and I know a bit of spanish so this might help in any situation.
I am living in Canada, so In EST time zone (GMT-5) so if the server go dedicated sometimes this might help if you are not living in EST or if you are living there there will be more online.

I think you should accept me because I got many experience in all types of situations, you can accept meas GM, Mod and Dev. I got many characteristic like patient, generous, nice, happy... and more. I am very experienced in any types of private server, Maplestory ones, WoW ones, I made a CoD4 private server too and now I am working/devellopping on a private server for Dongueon and Dragon online: stromreach.

I hope I can help.

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Wazabi GM/Mod/Dev application check this out
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